About Perfect Ply Industries Pvt Ltd



It consists of Gurjan wood core and commercial face veneers. The core is made from 100% pine wooden strips seasoned to a moisture content within 12% and chemically treated for termite resistance. The strips each 25mm wide are placed vertically and glued laterally to form the core which is placed on top the cross band. Face veneer is placed on top the cross band. Phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin is used for bonding under high pressure in hot press.

Versatile, it can be reshaped, even curved to meet requirements and has a variety of uses, including furniture. It is recommended for cupboard shutters, shelves, table tops etc.

Features :

  • Only selected species of timber are used for the manufacture of core for Aerojet BlockBoard.
  • The planks are passed through a prophylactic treatment by dipping in concentrated of insecticide and fungicide for long lasting protection.
  • The planks are then kiln-seasoned to less than 8-10% moisture content for proper bonding.
  • Aerojet Block Board has high dimensional stability with high mechanical properties and excellent screw holding capacity.
  • It does not expand, contract or wrap like solid wood.
 TestISI RequirementObserved Value
1Dimensional changes caused by humidityNo delamination in the extreme range
of humidity. Dimensional change not
more than +1mm in local planeness
No de-lamination observed.
Dimensional change within the specified limit.
2Water ResistanceThere shall not be any
de-lamination after 72 hours boiling.
No de-lamination observed.
3Adhesion of Plies.Minimum Pass StandardExcellent
4Mycological TestNo appreciable sign of separationSatisfactory
5Modulus of Rupture50 N/sq.mmAbove 50
6Modulus of Elasticity5000 N/sq.mmAbove 5000